Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life Becomes Complete When We Recognize The Love In It

'Life Becomes Complete When We Recognize The Love In It'
photo by limitless mindgames
Here's hoping you have a patient and kind, attentive person in your life 
who takes the time to show you love, whether that is romantic or not… 
and that you make a point of being that person for someone else. 
After all, it takes one to know one.


  1. From what point patience becomes senseless... when will you start longing for new way, getting free of burden ? How can you judge ?

    1. are you asking me or yourself? :)
      it depends on the situation of course. how can i answer you without knowing you and your situation. basically i would say... if you don't feel good anymore with somebody or about something then you should try to change... yourself or the situation.
      remember that everything you want to feel, be, and experience is waiting. for you. the idea is to live your life in a way that makes you feel lit up. alive. excited. bright. free. half-hearted anything won't get you there. it will end up doing the opposite. time isn't renewable.